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      "We get everything we want because we help you enough to get what you want." We already know that the online era and internet plays a major role in our lives. Parents/Students can sit back at home and relax while pondering about applications for school admission. No need to queue up for hours.
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    • 4 years, 1 month ago

      sapta sapta

    • GO GREEN
      How many of us use handkerchiefs instead of tissues and use cloth towels instead of paper towels? Paper comes from trees. The more of it we use, the more trees that are cut down. It takes 17 trees to make one tonne of paper. Those 17 trees could well enough sustain a healthy living for years to come. It is not unknown to us that without trees we would have an unhealthy life. Trees clean the air. They Provide oxygen, and help in cooling the atmosphere. They conserve energy. They save water, and prevent pollution. They help prevent soil erosion. They provide us food and medicine. They mark our seasons. In short trees maintain our ecological balance. Need we say more why we need to save our trees?
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    • 4 years, 1 month ago

      Jumbodium Jumbodium

      The year 2002 welcomed the first vision that today has turned into reality. The years that followed, further nurtured the seeds of that dream. Our Journey has been an uphill climb but more than rewarding nonetheless. Since its inception, Opton Infocom's clientele has grown phenomenally, and continues to do so. November 2009 witnessed a giant leap in business ties with the UK. Our Key location. With its self driven workforce Opton Infocom's growth has been guided by unshakable values. We consider you our driving force, and we are passionate about what we do for you. April 2010 ushered us into software development, design, consulting and maintenance. It is with confidence we proudly boast that today we are designers, builders, and providers and outsourcers of our own, technology, resources & electronic platforms That being said, it is with immense pleasure that we introducing to you our very own. The only one in its class. The only Parent/School-friendly online admission portal In India!!
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    • 3 years, 9 months ago

      Kumar Manish Kumar Manish