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Ways to inculcate Patriotism in Kids

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Patriotism is not only a word but a feeling, when I come across reminds me of nostalgia and takes me back to my school days. Back then, I used to participate in several school functions and inter-school competitions based on the theme of patriotism. The salute to the Tricolor during flag hoisting, the National Anthem […]

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Improving Oral Communication Skills

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Communication is the process of expressing or exchanging our ideas, opinions and perspectives using disparate means like written, oral, use of signs and symbols, pictures etc. If we think of most favored communication style among these, we would choose written and oral style of communication. It has been often observed that maximum people are congenial […]

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Enhance Culturally Relevant Teaching

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Culture implies to the cumulative deposit of ideas, customs, knowledge, experience and social behaviors of a particular person or society as a whole. We all are born and brought up enveloped in a culture which serves as a foundation of our identity. It shapes our attitude, behavior, perception and personality thus, showcasing the ways of […]

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Developing Social and Emotional Learning among students

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  Sensible handling of Anger or Annoyance, Formulating close bonds, Helping or Assisting others, Waiting in a queue Forbearing, Comprehending and Revering others opinion….Ah!!! What WONDERS can Social and Emotional Learning do when instilled in the children. Schools are a vital context for children’s Social and Emotional development. Be it a school or any public […]

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Single Parenting Challenges and Tips

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Single parenting may seem like a tough call in the first instance. And if it seems so, so is parenting in its entirety. On the contrary, single parents and their kids can have lot fun together. Take example from the well-known personalities who have been raised by single mother or father yet they existed up […]

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Quick Tips to Teaching Discipline to kids

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“Discipline is the defining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Teaching discipline to children can be a tricky task altogether as they are impatient and curious. Parents find it lot more difficult to make them abide by rules. Discipline being one of the most important pillars for success in life, helps to shape one’s future. […]

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Childhood Obesity :Causes Signs & Prevention

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Childhood obesity has reached pandemic status in the entire world. In India, approximately 30 million people are obese and the number is increasing at alarming rate. So is increasing the rate of childhood obesity in India and needs proper attention to help you battle the ailment in a more precise way.  This illness has become so […]

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8 Tips to prepare kids for Nursery Admissions

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Are you preparing your child for nursery admissions ? The moment a child turns two or three years old, parent seem to add the burden of concerns regarding school admission on their shoulder. It is a major reason to worry about amongst parents nowadays as getting nursery school admissions has become very competitive. Guardians literally need to […]

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8 quick tips to finding Best Nursery School

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  Are you looking for the best nursery school for your little one? Well, searching for the right school is every parent’s major concern in today’s date. Gathering parenting tips for kids,  purchasing admission forms, standing in long queues, preparing your child for school interviews, in short the phase of admission is just not relaxing […]

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8 Tips to develop Reading Habits in your child

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Looking for ways to imbibe reading habits in your kid? Well, a large portion of folks battle with this circumstance. Inculcating the quality of reading in your child is really a great attribute which can be exceptionally helpful for their future. As studies say that youngsters with more prominent reading skills really tend to become […]

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