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Simply put, Jumbodium is an online school application platform, specifically tailor-made and designed to fill the gap between parents seeking admission for their children in schools and the schools issuing application forms for admissions in their institutions.

About Jumbodium- Online School Application Platform

The portal has been designed to mitigate the problems faced by parents of small children who seek admission for their wards in schools of their choices.

This unique online school admission portal helps parents search school(s) of their choices and apply online. Parents can get wide insights about different schools in regards to its experience, background, admission news, infrastructure, admission fees, etc. Schools on the other hand,can post admission opening notifications, news on any events organized by school and other related information.  This online portal is beneficial for both schools and parents seeking easy solution for school admission.

How are Parents getting benefited by Jumbodium?

Once registered with Jumbodium, parents can seek information regarding admission of different schools in variant locations. For instance, by enlisting with us, parents can browse through the details of hundreds of school already registered with Jumbodium. They can even subscribe to schools of their choices and get notifications from the schools on their registered mobile number and email addresses. If someone wants to avoid the long queues for purchasing school admission forms, they can easily collect forms and submit the same online. Our School Admission Portal also eradicates the need of downloading School Application forms online. What parents simply do is register and fill-up their details (ideally asked by most of the schools), add their child(ren) in the students panel, fill-up their details( the information asked by most of the schools) and go about applying to school(s) of their choice.

What more? Register with Jumbodium and get going.

Why are more and more schools registering with us?

Firstly, our online school application platform saves considerable printing costs for schools by availing online school application forms and e-prospectus. Secondly, schools get rid of putting administrative force required to manage the restless crowd of parents queuing up to collect admission forms. Moreover, there is minimal clerical job left of sorting, filtering and keeping applicants’ documents. Every document remains online and most importantly the entire admission process remains organized. New schools get more exposure among parents and reputed schools get pre-filtered unqualified applications and get better brains to choose from. The best part, any school related information which needs mass announcement, like announcement of admission opening and last dates, announcement of second round of screening of selected applications, notifications of events in schools gets automated. Schools just need to go to their dashboard to post any information and it gets announced to all applicants and/or subscribed parents.

Major Advantages for parents on Jumbodium- The School Application Platform :

  • This School Application Portal eradicates the need of downloading school application forms, filling up the form(s) manually and submitting it physically to schools.
  • Fill up parent’s and child’s details, upload relevant documents required by all the schools only once and that is it. Apply to as many schools of your choice the same year or in years to come by just updating required information.
  • Eradicates physically going to schools to collect or submit forms and know the application status. The Application status of schools gets updated to the parents via mail and/or mobile sms.

What more? Register with Jumbodium and get started.

What does Jumbodium Blog section talk about?

Jumbodium is dedicated to serve the Education system in India which includes parents, schools, teachers and students.

Our blog sections are categorized into following :

Jumbodium Section

    About– Tells you about the platform

    News and Events – Keeps you updated on any events and news related to the platform

    Version Updates & Announcements – Informs you on version updates

    Guides – Contains video links and writes ups on how to best use the platform and apps of the                      portal.

Parenting Section

This section deals with parenting tips specifically dedicated to Pre-school parenting and School Going Kids and Teenagers.

Here we give you tips on Child Development, Education and Health of your child.

Tips on Teaching Section

This section shares tips for school teachers on various teaching related topics.

Tips to Students Section

This section gives tips to students to excel in their academics and extra-circular                              activities and much more.