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Ways to inculcate Patriotism in Kids

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Patriotism is not only a word but a feeling, when I come across reminds me of nostalgia and takes me back to my school days. Back then, I used to participate in several school functions and inter-school competitions based on the theme of patriotism. The salute to the Tricolor during flag hoisting, the National Anthem sung by everyone standing straight and our head held high with immense pride and honor, the distribution of sweets, shoulders free from the heavy schoolbags, the resonant patriotic songs on television and radio and many more heart-warming memories. We cannot define Patriotism as just the love for our country. Rather, it is pretty much related to our contribution towards the progress of our country and countrymen. Patriotism is not only about fighting with the external enemies. It is also about confronting and opposing the internal enemies of our country such as poverty, superstitions, ignorance, crimes, profiteers, black marketers, anti-socials etc. Fighting against the internal enemies is as important as that of serving our country at the border. Because these internal enemies are like termites who are excavating our country’s reputation, growth, prosperity, culture, economy and society as a whole. Thus, I feel that Patriotism is about that active worker who works from heart and soul for the progress of his country and his fellow citizens. Also, Patriotism is not something which should be kept to oneself. Rather, it must be passed on to our next generation for the relentless growth and prosperity of our country. Children must be educated about our country, not only at schools but at home by parents too. Such positive parenting will make the kids be grateful and appreciate for the freedom and luxury they have and comprehend what Patriotism is all about.

Parents need to understand that children learn by examples and demonstrations. Thus, positive parenting tips refer that parents should try to inculcate the feeling of Patriotism in their kids at an early age.

Following are the few ways that will help you out to inculcate Patriotism in your kids.

Stand During National Anthem

It is the prime duty of parents to teach the kids to stand whenever they hear the National Anthem being played; be it a school, an auditorium, a cinema hall or any other place. This will help the children learn about how to pay respect to their country as well as to their national anthem thus, developing Patriotism.

Hold the Flag High

Children are normally given the paper made or plastic made flags on the Independence day and Republic day. But, kids normally don’t care to hold and keep it properly and are often seen holding it upside down or sideways. Thus, the Indian parenting tips for parents advise them to look after it and teach their kids the appropriate way of holding the national flag. This cannot be a one time learning. Thus, parents should ensure that they keep a watch and rectify their kids every time they are holding the flag in a wrong way. Also, parents should state them the reasons for the same. This will help the parents inculcate Patriotism in the kids as they learn the manner of holding our national flag with all due respect to it.

Significance of Colors in the Tricolor

In order to inculcate Patriotism in the kids, it is quite essential for parents to teach the significance of colors in the Tricolor. Since, children learn more by examples, parents may use the balloons in colors of tricolor, can fill the transparent disposable glasses with the tricolored water, make the kids wear a wrist band in tricolor and so on. Such parenting tips for toddlers will make them aware about the colors. These ways may also contribute to the parents in preparing their kids for Nursery Admissions. Later, it will sensitize them that how the colors in the Tricolor symbolize the culture and assumptions of India. This way, children will not only remember the colors of the Tricolor but, will also be able to recognize and relate to the significance of the colors in the Tricolor.

Distinguish India from Other Countries

As we all know, India is the only country on earth with highly diversified and rich in its  culture, tradition, heritage, language, food, classical dance and music, religion and epics. Thus, parents should communicate these unique characteristics with their kids. They should discuss with their kids that how India is different and special in its attributes from other countries. This will enlighten the children about their country. And, it will make them feel proud about how India and her countrymen justify the slogan ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Communicate constitutional rights and duties

A Constitution defines the fundamental structure of a nation where it protects the rights and duties of its citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex or physical appearance. Thus, parents need to enlighten their kids with our basic constitutional rights and duties. Also, they should make it glassy about how and why these are important to us. These parenting tips for teenagers will impregnate the values and principles in order to take appropriate action towards safeguarding their interest. Thus, communicating the constitutional rights and duties will shape them in a responsible citizen of our country which is again a mark of inculcating Patriotism.

Model an Outlook of Obligation

In order to inculcate Patriotism in the kids, it is imperative for parents to enhance moral values in them. This will hold them accountable for their behavior and perceptions towards themselves and society as a whole. Thus, parents should aware the kids for being grateful to the opulence and extravagance that we are enjoying as a result of our freedom. This will sensitize the children about the importance of freedom as an individual and as a citizen.

Take Them to Historical Places

Another way of inculcating Patriotism is to take the kids to historical places. Parents should spare some time from their professional front. They should make a visit to the historical places with their kids like Amar Jawan Jyoti, Shakti sthal, Jallianwala bagh and many more. It serves as a teaching tool and keeps us attached to our roots. This will make the kids realize the pain and sacrifice borne by the patriots for the freedom we are enjoying today.

Illuminate the Meaning of Sacrifice

Illuminating the kids with the meaning of sacrifice is another crucial way of inculcating Patriotism. The concept of sacrifice for one’s motherland is prodigious and of immense value than personal gratification. Thus, parents can enhance this meaning in their children by making them drop their personal stuffs. For example, parents may make their kids waive a meal, dress or their toys for those who are under privileged. This will make them realize and understand the meaning and feeling of sacrifice. Also, parents should seek a feedback from them about what sentiments did they underwent after helping the deprived. This behavior will not only make the word sacrifice comprehensible to the kids on personal front. But, it will also help them realize its importance towards their peers, elders, neighbors, their fellow citizens and then the nation as a whole, which is an imprint of Patriotism.

Instill Cleanliness Habits

Instilling cleanliness habits in children is not mere a job of the parents. Rather, it is an art of making the kids lead a healthy life. This habit makes the kids responsible towards themselves as well as their society and nation. Parents should begin with very basic habits. For example, make them keep their belongings in proper place, cleaning their room and study table, throwing wastes in the dustbin, washing their hands before meals etc. Cleanliness habits do not allow children from within to litter here and there on roads or spit anywhere. Such parenting tips which also mark teaching discipline to kids is also one of the ways to inculcate Patriotism in the kids. Because, this way parents can teach them to keep the country clean beginning from their home and society. Patriotism is about sharing the responsibility towards the upliftment and prosperity of our country. Thus, instilling cleanliness habits in kids is a small step by every Indian citizen contributing their bit to ‘Clean India campaign’.

Use media as a source of information

Use of technology is pretty favored today in all the spheres. Thus, parents can also use the media in order to inculcate Patriotism in their kids. They should see the flag hoisting ceremony and parades on the television. This will make the kids aware about the different cultures of our states and how rich we are in our heritage. This is so because visualization always leaves a great impact behind. Also, parents will be able to spend quality time with their kids and generate a definite patriotic feeling.

Participate in co-curricular activities

It is quite obvious for schools to conduct various programs and functions on the occasion of Independence day or Republic day or even at annual functions. Thus, parents should encourage the children to participate in the patriotic programs, events and competitions in the schools and society. For example, singing, dancing, skit, holding fancy dress competition in the attire of great leaders etc. This will acquaint the kids with the distinguished patriots, their lifestyle and the stories about how they sacrificed their delights and life to gift us our freedom. As children learn better by demonstrations, these activities will help the parents in inculcating Patriotism in them.

Make them sing National Anthem

National Anthem is played in every school on a daily basis. Thus, parents should encourage their kids to sing the National Anthem everyday in schools during the assembly. Not only this, parents should also enlighten their kids with the inner meaning of our National Anthem. This will make the kids discern the importance and reasons to eulogize India. Hence, it will be of great help for parents in inculcating Patriotism in their kids.

Teach environment friendly habits

Patriotism is not confined in being acquainted with the patriots or the history of a country. Patriotism is also about holding our accountability towards our society and nation. Teaching environment friendly habits to kids is one such accountability which needs to be hold by every parent. Children must be taught the environment friendly habits like, saving water, throwing wastes in the dustbin, saving paper, planting trees, saving energy etc. These habits not only help in making our planet beautiful rather it also builds a responsible citizen of the nation. Also, a better environment leads to a better mind which in turn leads to the formation of a better citizen of a prospering country. This can prove to be a good way of inculcating Patriotism in the kids.

Incorporate mannerism and etiquette

Be it a Republic day, Independence day or any function based on the theme of Patriotism; everyone uses the tricolor in form of balloons or ribbons for decoration. After the function is over, people don’t normally bother to pick up the used ribbons and laces in tricolor which symbolizes disrespect towards the tricolor. This is so because kids normally don’t care for it and put their feet on the same carelessly. Thus, parents should incorporate the basic mannerism and etiquette of picking up and collecting the used ribbons and laces which can be reused later as well. This is also one of the ways of inculcating Patriotism in the kids as it teaches respect for the colors of our Tricolor.

Extending hands for help

A nation is acknowledged not only by its economy but by its countrymen as well. Thus, parents should teach their kids to extend their hands for help to those who are in need. This will make them a responsible citizen having the feeling of love, respect and concern for their fellow citizens. Hence, in order to inculcate Patriotism in the kids, parents should imbue this helping nature in kids so that they serve the country by serving their countrymen.

The overhead Indian parenting tips will certainly help the parents in inculcating Patriotism in their kids. But, parents should also take an effort to imbibe the above stated outlook in themselves which in turn will invigorate their kids with true sense of Patriotism.

Team Jumbodium wishes a very happy Independence Day to Education Fraternity, Students and Parents.

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