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Jumbodium-School Explainer Video

How is Jumbodium helping Schools

What makes Jumbodium an ideal platform for schools to use for accepting Admission Application forms?

Every year when schools open their admissions for new students it becomes chaotic for them to manage the crowd around the campus and extra administration and clerical jobs for schools. Along with the chaos and extra administrative work, there is a lot of printing and publishing work that the school has to take care of like : Printing Application forms for several classes and Prospectus. Maintaining and filing up all required documents is yet another big task for the school support staff.

How about managing everything in few clicks ?

How about eradicating the culture of printing prospectus and application forms to save trees from dying unnatural deaths in need of paper ?

How about not needing extra space to maintain and sort files related to applicants of the school?

The good news is is making your life simpler by automating the application issuing, sorting, filtering and notifying parents and students about the application status. Everything goes online.

  • Issue forms online.
  • Select criteria for applicants and set last dates of applications.
  • Issue prospectus online.
  • Get applicants’ documents online.
  • Get applications submitted online as well.
  • Evade managing crowds at the campus.
  • Save on printing costs & storage space.
  • Utilize resources to the maximum.
  • Easily track applications with minimum data entry work.
  • Expand their outreach to untapped regions: get better brains for you school.
  • Limit unqualified applications and so much more.
  • Best part its free for schools to join and would remain free ever.
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Jumbodium- the online school application portal is all set to be the best and only choice for parents and schools to save time and resources.


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Above is a fun video explaining how Jumbodium is helping Schools.

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