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5 ways to ascertain the best school for your kid

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Like many parents, are you too in a fix ascertaining the best school for your kid? Well, there are few things which you should consider first before selecting a school for your kid. The most important phase of a person’s life is his childhood, and schooling is an intricate part of it. A person’s character and personality buildup depends upon schooling; in short, school is regarded as the second home for every child.

School admissions are a general concern among parents, but first you must see what suits your kids best. Along with that one must take into consideration some points which are as follows:

Overall development

Every child is unique in his own way. Hence their needs and aspirations are different from each other. Parents must understand their attributes, likes and dislikes. Like, for example, if your child loves to play, then a school with lots of extra curricular activities will  attract him more than an usual school. Find out what type of environment suits your kid most and what exactly will make him happy and encourage him to go to school every day.

School’s goodwill

It is important to see whether the institution is well reputed or not. Goodwill always comes with good behavior, a school has to work hard to establish a goodwill in their locality or in a wider area. Thus, look for such schools which have a strong goodwill as that proves their credibility and good quality of education which helps them to remain established for longer.

Administrative body

An educational institution always holds good reputation because of their administrative bodies.  Execution of new techniques,  incorporating methods for the well being of students, an amiable panel of officials, good rapport with students as well as parents. All these points help to build a good administrative body which works as the main pillar of the institution. A supportive panel of body will definitely be helpful in the long run of a school.


It is your take to choose the board. Some choose state boards, some like English mediums boards like ICSE or CBSE. It is very crucial to choose the main board because the future of a student will depend on the board. Different boards have different approach towards educational system, hence choose wisely.

Public or private

Many parents remain confused while choosing the type of school.  Public schools are comparatively less pricey, while private schools are hard to maintain for middle class people. Although some wish to educate their children in English medium private schools because they provide various facilities that helps in the overall development of a student. But think before taking a decision whether you could continue to pay for the expenses for a long time or not.


Learn about the various school facilities that are available. For example, choose a school with a vast library, good infrastructure, trained teachers, big playground, school transport, school environment, extracurricular activities, participation in social and cultural events, etc.


Often the dream of parents for enrolling their child into a good reputed English medium school is shattered due to huge fees of the schools.  It is not possible for a simple middle class family to bear the huge expenses for their child’s education. It  is a common myth that a school with a huge infrastructure and charging high fees is the only best school around. Thus, look out for schools that suits your budget.

Parent’s duty

  • Compare the data you have collected from various schools and find out which institution fits your criteria.
  • The most important thing is your child’s development; select a school which offers safe and secure environment for your child’s growth.
  • Visit the schools; talk to the teachers as well as to the parents of existing students to find out more about the school.

Best School

A best school will be considered best for your kid only when it helps him become a good person with adequate knowledge. Being a parent you too have responsibilities, check out regularly on the school’s activities and best would be to become an active member of the school, be present at meetings, parent teacher meets, pay regular visits and participate in school activities.