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Quick Tips to Teaching Discipline to kids

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“Discipline is the defining fire by which talent becomes ability.”

Teaching discipline to children can be a tricky task altogether as they are impatient and curious. Parents find it lot more difficult to make them abide by rules. Discipline being one of the most important pillars for success in life, helps to shape one’s future. However, sometimes imbibing positive discipline in a child often becomes too tough for parents.

Proper discipline can help your kid in future to build:

·         Good personality

·         Self esteem

·         Strict principles

·         Most importantly, it helps to become a good human being

So what are things to keep in mind while teaching discipline to your kids?

Inculcate Responsive Behaviour in your child

The first stage in teaching discipline to child is to tell them to be more responsive. Whenever you give them a call, ask them to respond to your call immediately. Parents must do the same as well. It helps them to understand the values of giving respect to elders and peers as well.  Also, they learn to be more responsive in every matter whether it is a call from teachers or of any other elderly person.

Be prompt in Correcting your child

One of the best parenting tips in regards to making a kid learn discipline is to correct their mistakes. For instance, if they are wasting food, or talking in between elders, don’t scold them; rather explain that this behavior is not acceptable. Research says that scolding or punishing a child for any wrong, makes them more curious to commit the wrong again and again. If a parent helps them to understand the consequences of it and explains why the child is restricted to repeat such actions it can help your kid learn discipline faster.

Be prompt in Rewarding with appreciations

In the context of how to teach discipline to your child, one best parenting advice is to reward them for their right acts or when they follow your set disciplinary rules. The reward has to be appreciation and no favorite chocolate or toys. Appreciations will assure them that their good behavior and following discipline will get them noticed by you.

Be the right ‘role-model’

In the process of teaching discipline elders must understand that children seem to learn from them and follow them. Hence, to instill positive discipline in them, parents must behave in a positive manner as well. Don’t smoke or drink in front of them or use abusive language or rebuke someone in bad language. Remember, for them you are the first and foremost role-model.

Choosing peers correctly

To help your kid learn discipline parents must pay proper attention on the pupils, their kids are mingling with. Often a bad company can instigate children to adopt bad behavior. As a parent, you must ensure your kids accompany disciplined kids. While this might sound a little difficult, it is how you impart the meaning of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to your kid. They will learn the art of picking up the right company gradually. The test of  how much your child is receptive to your teaching discipline to him will be visible this way.

Explain Consequences without scaring

A good parenting advice for teaching discipline to your child is to make him aware of the consequences of breaking disciplinary rules. However, parents should notice consequences should never be explained as a scare tactic.

Be strict when and where needed

Being explanatory doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be strict. In order to help your kid learn discipline parents must be strict as well. You may give them a chance or two them to rectify their mistakes, but if the act persists, be strict enough to make them face consequences. This will let them know that taking the lessons casually wouldn’t do any good to them.

Finally, Patience is the key

Discipline cannot be taught in a jiffy. After all, discipline itself is teaching which cannot be passed on with restlessness in mind. It is a slow process and one must keep patience to get satisfactory results.

To conclude, teaching discipline to your child is a day-to-day process which needs patience and continuous evaluation for being a better parent.