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Ways to develop strong relation with your child

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Building up a strong relation with your child is utmost important to nurture his future. Children have very immature and fragile emotions which is one of the major reasons why parent-child relations suffer a set back. To make sure you develop a strong relation with your child you need to start from the very stage of his infancy.

Tips for developing strong relation with your child :

Below are few easy parenting tips to assure a strong bond with your child throughout his journey of life:

Give a Special Name to make your child feel special

Give your child a unique name which is not used by others and is only between you and your child. This will build a special feeling of love between you and your child. Remember your child should like this name or else result will be just opposite.

Allow your child to work with you

Always encourage your child if he/she wants to help you in your daily activities. Try to engage your child with you by doing little house hold activities such as gardening, shopping, dusting etc. This not only makes your relation strong with your child but he also learns to do several things on his own gradually.

Make time for your child

No matter how busy you are, just remember a thing that your child is always lonely without you. So always give time to your child whenever it is possible. Play with them and try to imply your principles, your beliefs, your likes and dislikes while playing with him/her. This will let  your child understand you and respect your feelings gradually when he grows up.

Show your child he is important

Every child has his own respect. Even though they cannot express but they also enjoy attention. Being a good parent you should make your child feel happy by taking him out for family lunch once in a while, watch any nice movie or by visiting some amusement park. These things will make your child feel good and you will also get to spend some quality time altogether.

Show him your love

Showing you love is the base to develop strong relation with your child. Children are not enough matured to understand your love if you do not show it to them. It is very much necessary to show your love whenever it is needed. Tell them you love them than anything else in this world. Gift them their favorite chocolates or ice creams, at times. Make them feel that they are the apple of your eyes. If you fail to show your love, this may cause loneliness and can bring depression in your child.

Build Good Memories for strong relation

Help your child build good memories in his childhood days. This will bring a smile on his face when he will grow up and recollect all his childhood memories. Memories are always special for all of us and if it is our childhood memory then it is priceless undoubtedly. A bad memory will always have a negative impact on child and come in the way of a strong relation with your child. Hence it is the duty and responsibility of each parent to help their child to grow precious memories which he can cherish later on.

Be Mentally present with your child

Whenever you are with your children, give your full attention to them. Do not make them feel neglected. If you are not mentally available with them, this will effect badly in your child’s mind and they might feel lonely even in  your presence. This will bring distance between you and your child’s relationship and pose a major road-block in the process of developing a strong relation with your child.

Be his Good Secret Keeper

Parents needs to grow a sense of trust and faith in their children and also need to gain their trust and faith in them. Well this is not an easy task as young children have a tendency to keep secrets from their parents. Say, your child shares a secret of his/her with you, keep the matter with yourself and do not share it with others. Be a trustworthy secret keeper to develop a strong relation with your child. It will bring you close to your child and you will be aware of the things going on in your child‘s life. If you can’t do that your child will lose the faith in you forever which again results in poor relationship and trust will be nowhere.

Develop his confidence- A man who wins is a man who thinks he can

Help your child to grow with confidence. A person with good academic background and lack of self confidence proves unsuccessful in many aspects of life. On the other hand a person with full of self confidence has always achieved his goal in life. This sense of self confidence has to be grown in the child since the beginning when they are young. Always give the encouragement to your child and make them feel that they are capable of doing many good things in life which will make him and his parents feel proud of him. Treat your young ones with dignity which will ensure they respect you back and enhance the strong relation between you and him. Say BIG NO to the words like “You can’t do it”, “It’s not your cup of tea”, “You are useless” etc. These words will act like a virus and damage your child’s self confidence forever.

Ensure your be friendly and discipline-seeking parent simultaneously

Give all the love and attention your child requires to make sure your strong relation with your child develops with passing by time. At the same time, ensure you are not compromising with the set rules of discipline you chalk out for him. Many a times, discipline is sacrificed in order to see your kid smiling and that is where we make an unknown mistake. Being friendly and loving needs a proper balancing with teaching discipline to your kid simultaneously.




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