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Jumbodium Explainer Video for Parents

Introducting  the Jumbodium Explainer Video for Parents

Are you a parent hoping school after school collecting and submitting School Application Forms for your child?

One of the biggest nightmare for any parent is standing in long queues amid scorching sun and behaving like a ferocious mob, fighting their way out to collect School Application Forms for their child(ren). This is not all, most of us take leaves from offices and other important work just to collect school forms. Getting information of reputed schools opening their admission is yet another herculean task for which we request friends and relatives to keep us updated as and when they get any information. Once we anyhow get to know the information of forms being distributed in any school and somehow manage to collect the forms, we are then required to waste yet another day to submit the same. And the worst part, all this is just a beginning.

Now this is going to be a history for you. Jumbodium- the online school application portal, makes your life lot easier than you may have ever thought. Now schools come to your home with Jumbodium.

Now online school application is just few clicks away. How ?

Schools registered with issue their school application forms online.

  • As parents, all you need to do is, visit,
  • Look for schools of your choice,
  • Check if they have opened admission for class(es) you desire to put your child in,
  • Register yourself,
  • Add your child with his details and Click APPLY.

That is it!

Get updates of your application status on your Parent’s Dashboard or through Jumbodium Mobile App.


The Jumbodium-Explainer video for parents shows how Jumbodium- The Online School Application Portal is taking away all the worries and sufferings of parents looking for school application forms.


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